The cutaneous nerves supplying the lower limb are originated from the branches of nerves of lumbar and sacral plexuses with the exception of some proximal unisegmental nerves originating from T12 or L1 spinal nerves. The the majority of the cutaneous innervation of the thigh is supplied by the lateral and posterior cutaneous nerves of the thigh and cutaneous branches of the femoral nerve, the names of which explain their distribution. The anterior cutaneous nerves from the femoral nerve along with the anterior aspect of the thigh also provide the majority of the medial aspect of the thigh. The cutaneous innervation of the leg on its anteromedial aspect is supplied by the saphenous nerve, the posterolateral aspect by the sural nerve, and the anterolateral aspect by the superficial peroneal nerve. The cutaneous innervation of dorsum of the foot is usually supplied by the superficial peroneal nerves. The cutaneous innervation of the sole of the foot is supplied by the cutaneous branches of the medial and lateral plantar nerves. The cutaneous nerves are described in detail with distinct regions of the lower limb.